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History of AB&T Systems

AB&T Systems: A Journey from 1994 – 2007

AB&T Systems was established in 1997 by founder David Tan, initially located in the Belconnen Churches Centre, Canberra. At a time when shopping retail outlets had not yet begun selling computers, AB&T Systems carved a niche in providing bespoke, OEM-built computers. This approach catered to a diverse clientele, including university students from the University of Canberra, the Australian National University, and cadets from the Australian Defence Force Academy.

As the internet began transitioning from a tool predominantly used within academic circles to a global phenomenon, AB&T Systems gained popularity among Canberra residents. Competing alongside neighboring computer stores, AB&T Systems thrived, securing a substantial customer base. This era marked the beginning of significant growth and expansion across various regions of Canberra, setting the stage for future advancements and broader service offerings.

Belconnen – Late 1990’s and 2000’s

1995 – Present: AB&T Systems Phillip Branch

Established in 1995, the Phillip branch was the second location opened by AB&T Systems, serving the southern regions of Canberra. Over the years, this store has evolved from a secondary outlet to become the central hub of operations. By the early 2000s, it had expanded significantly, occupying additional tenant spaces within its building to accommodate the main stock.

Today, although it has downsized to a more compact area, the Phillip branch continues to specialize in providing OEM-built computer systems. AB&T Systems at Phillip also offers extensive services including repairs, upgrades, and diagnostics across a variety of computer brands. With access to rare parts and a wealth of traditional expertise, this branch remains a crucial resource for computer enthusiasts and professionals alike. Onsite services are available, ensuring comprehensive support for all our clients’ needs.

Phillip – Late 1990’s and 2000’s
Phillip – Present Day

1995 – 2000: AB&T Systems Braddon

AB&T Systems Braddon marked a significant milestone in our expansion, establishing a vital presence within the bustling Canberra City area in the late mid 1990’s. This store began its journey by taking over the operations of Paul Harland Computers, a move that not only expanded our footprint but also deepened our connection with the local community.

The Braddon store flourished for many years, becoming a go-to destination for high-quality, OEM-built computer systems and expert technical services. Its strategic location amid the evolving landscape of Braddon, which transitioned from an area dominated by car yards and mechanics to a vibrant retail and lifestyle district, initially brought increased foot traffic and business opportunities.

However, as the area continued to develop, the rental market became increasingly competitive, impacting the sustainability of maintaining a physical store. The changing dynamics of the Braddon area, with its shift towards more upscale retail establishments and lifestyle spaces, eventually led to the closure of the store.

This chapter in our history is reflective of the broader changes in the retail environment and underscores our adaptability and commitment to serving our customers, despite the evolving challenges.

2008 – 2015: AB&T Systems Gungahlin

In 2008, AB&T Systems made the strategic decision to relocate the Belconnen store to Gungahlin, capitalizing on the rapid growth and vibrant development of new suburbs in the area. The move was aimed at tapping into the burgeoning market of new households in need of cutting-edge computing solutions.

The Gungahlin store was initially positioned within a shopping district that was itself still in the stages of development, providing a unique opportunity to establish a strong presence in the community. However, as the district grew, it attracted large retail corporations that intensified the competition in the area. Coupled with increasing rental costs, these challenges impacted the store’s sustainability.

Despite the competitive pressures and rising operational costs, the Gungahlin branch of AB&T Systems served the community with dedication, providing tailored computer solutions until it eventually closed its doors. This period remains an important chapter in our history, reflecting both the challenges and the dynamic nature of the retail environment.

In the competitive landscape of computer sales, AB&T Systems distinguishes itself from larger retail giants such as Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, and others, by leveraging a lean business model that prioritizes efficiency and customer-specific needs.

Here at AB&T Systems, our approach to sourcing and assembling computers is tailored to provide not just competitive pricing but superior quality and customization. Unlike large retailers with extensive shopfronts, we operate without the overhead of maintaining large stock inventories on the premises. This strategy allows us to minimize costs associated with unsold stock and space management.

By relying on a robust wholesale distribution chain model, AB&T Systems can offer more competitive pricing. This model enables us to source components swiftly and economically, allowing us to pass these savings directly to our customers. Consequently, our clients benefit from both cost-effective solutions and high-quality, OEM-built computer systems that are customized to meet their unique specifications and needs.

Additionally, this streamlined approach provides superior quality control, as each system is built and inspected by experienced technicians. Our focus on tailored solutions ensures that each client receives a product that not only fits their requirements but also exceeds their performance expectations.

In essence, AB&T Systems combines the best of both worlds: competitive pricing and bespoke configurations, making us a formidable alternative to conventional retail outlets. We are committed to delivering not just a product, but a personalized computing experience that is designed around our customers’ needs, ensuring satisfaction and superior performance.